Veteran General Hospital, MacKay Memorial Hospital attending physician professional treatment team 榮總馬偕專科醫師主治
超高頻軟組織超音波檢查 high frequency soft tissue ultrasonography 血小板PRP注射 , 震波治療 Platelet-Rich Plasma- PRP injection, shockwave treatment 兒童早期療育及職能治療 pediatric early intervention and occupational therapy
  • 復健時間(rehab hours) 12:00-13:30 closed

星期一 到五(Mon- Fri)






  • 專業診療團隊(professional treatment team)
  • 玻尿酸(hyaluronic acid injection)
  • 增生療法(prolotherapy)
  • 血小板PRP注射(Platelet-Rich Plasma- PRP injection)
  • 中風(神經物理治療) stroke patients (neurological physical therapy)
  • 兒童職能治療(pediatric occupational therapy ) 詳細診療項目 (more)

醫師簡介 (our professional team)


李昌舜 院長

  • 台北醫學大學醫學士
  • 台北榮總復健科專科醫師
  • 榮總宜蘭分院復健科主治醫師
  • 台北榮總復健科總醫師
  • 中華民國復健專科醫師
  • 台灣脊骨矯治醫學會會員
  • 國際復健醫學ISPRM會員
  • 台灣增生療法醫學會會員

陳盈方 醫師

  • 高雄醫學大學醫學士
  • 台北馬偕醫院復健科主治醫師
  • 台北馬偕醫院復健科總醫師
  • 中華民國復健專科醫師
  • 中華民國醫用超音波學會會員
  • 台灣脊骨矯治醫學會會員
  • 國際復健醫學ISPRM會員
  • 台灣增生療法醫學會會員

洪毓陽 醫師

  • 陽明大學醫學士
  • 台北榮總復健部住院醫師
  • 台北榮總復健部總醫師
  • 關渡醫院復健科主治醫師
  • 台灣肌肉骨骼神經超音波醫學會會員
  • 台灣增生療法醫學會會員

診療項目 (treatment services)

增生療法(prolotherapy),震波治療(shockwave treatment),血小板注射(PRP injection)

  • 肩頸酸痛(neck/ shoulder pain and soreness)
  • 腰背痛(lumbar/ back pain)
  • 骨刺(bone spurs)
  • 五十肩(frozen shoulder)
  • 關節炎(arthritis)
  • 網球肘、媽媽手(tennis elbow, deQuervain's syndrome)
  • 手腳酸麻(numbness of hand and feet)
  • 關節手術後遺症(sequelae of joint operations)
  • 腕隧道症候群(carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • 肌腱炎(tendinitis)
  • 運動傷害(sports injury)
  • 退化性關節炎(Osteoarthritis)
  • 脊椎側彎症肌筋膜炎(scoliosis and myofascial pain)
  • 足底筋膜炎(plantar fasciitis)
  • 中風後遺症(sequelae of stroke)
  • 顏面神經麻痺(facial palsy)
  • 各種扭傷(joint sprain)
  • 坐骨神經痛(sciatica pain)

初診注意事項(notice for your first visit):

  • 初診請於門診時間先至櫃台報到,填寫基本資料,再由醫師為您詳細診察。
    Please fill in your basic information and register at the cashier first, the doctor will see you shortly.

  • 若有其它醫院檢查結果 (診斷書、出院病摘、光碟片等),可攜帶至診所,供醫師參考
    If you have any checkup reports from other hospitals (e.g., certificate of diagnosis, discharge note, CD images etc.), please kindly bring it to the clinic for the doctor’s further reference,

  • 有特殊身份者 (如:重大傷病卡,身心障礙,榮民,福保等),請於掛號時出示證件,並由醫師判定是否符合健保減免部份負擔規定
    Those with special NHI ID (e.g., Catastrophic Illness Card, physical and mental disabled veteran, social welfare insurance etc.) should be presented at the cashier, the doctor will verify your qualification for co- payment exemption.

兒童職能治療 (pediatric occupational therapy)


autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit, ADHD, developmental delay, sensory integration disorder


診所環境 (clinic environment)


Our clinic is conveniently located on Zhuangjin road, Xinyi district. Which is nearby Taipei 101, Taipei Medical University, with a good public transportation network.
Our professional team is composed by attending physicians from Veteran General Hospital, MacKay Memorial Hospital and national exam certificated therapists. With advanced equipment imported from the US, Europe and Japan, high resolution ultrasonography, providing you high quality diagnosis and treatment.
With our caring attitude, professional services, spacious treatment area and advanced equipment, we certainly can offer the best option of rehabilitation for you.

交通資訊 (our location)


台北市信義區莊敬路362號 , 264號

Address: No. 362, Zhuangjing Rd.,Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan

交通方式(Public transportation)

公車 : 1,22,33,37,226,266,288區,藍5至信義國中站下車

捷運 : 101捷運站沿松智路至莊敬路左轉可達

By bus: 1,22,33,37,226,266,288(shuttle), blue 5: XinYi junior high school(Zhuangjing) bus stop

By MRT: Taipei 101/ world trade center station, Songzhi Rd., left turn on Zhuangjing Rd.